Actress Danniella Westbrook has revealed that she was subjected to a shocking attack at the height of her drug addiction which resulted in her being held hostage for three days.

The former EastEnders actress, who is now starring in Hollyoaks, was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in a London flat, after failing to pay a debt to a group of drug dealers.

And she has opened up about her horrifying ordeal in her forthcoming autobiography Faith, Hope and Clarity.

“It was nothing short of hell on earth for Danniella,” a source told the Sunday People.

“It was the lowest point of her life. She was distraught but had no way of paying the money.

“Looking back, she can’t believe she let something like that happen.”

Danniella had previously keep details of the attack a secret, even from family members – only revealing the truth when she began writing the book, which is published next month.

She has since spoken of how she was left to fend for herself after the assault – and the profound effect it had on her life.

“She had to walk back home having been abused for days without any money or phone to contact anyone,” the insider said. “She had never felt that sort of humiliation before, she was numb and felt disgusting.

“She couldn’t believe what had happened but at the time she was so hooked on drugs that she just accepted it and moved on.

“She was not at all proud of how her life was at the time. She often felt suicidal and attempted to kill herself. She was in a bad, bad place.”

The book will also detail how Danniella – who is now a born-again Christian – conquered her drug demons and moved on with her life.

It will detail her struggles with bipolar disorder and her marriage to businessman Kevin Jenkins, as well as the impact on their family life when his business collapsed.

“You thought Danniella had revealed everything but this latest book is the star laid bare,” admitted the source.

“No subject is out of bounds and she’s laid every card there is on the table. It will shock people but it will also inspire those struggling with drugs to turn their lives around.”