Darren marries Hannah, then proposes!

Hollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor Dawson reveals why Darren gets deadly serious about his and Hannah’s joke marriage.

Darren and Hannah return from a weekend in Denmark married! What’s going on?

“Hannah goes off to Denmark with a rock band and Darren joins her

by accident after falling asleep in the tour bus. They end up drunk and have a Friends Ross-and-Rachel-in-Vegas moment… the one where they get drunk and decide what a laugh it would be to get married.”

It seems to come out of the blue…

“It does. Darren doesn’t suddenly fall in love with Hannah or vice-versa. It’s just one of those mad, crazy things you do when you’ve had far too many drinks and your life is in a bit of a mess – like Darren’s and Hannah’s right now. Darren’s at rock bottom while Hannah’s on the rebound from Justin. I think she also thinks it’s cool for a good girl like her to hook up with a bad lad like Darren. She’s trying to reinvent herself as a mad, party girl.”

Does anyone know what they did?

“Not till they get home. It’s not even shown on-screen, which is a shame.”

What happens when they sober up?

“They both regret it. They get home and their friends and families are horrified – especially Hannah’s family. They can’t believe she’d do such a thing – and with a loser like Darren too. Hannah wants an annulment and so does Darren… at first.”

What changes his mind?

“The cogs begin to turn in his twisted mind after Cindy points out that being married to Hannah could get him The Dog back.”

How does he change Hannah’s mind?

“He plans to pretend he’s falling in love with her and tries to make her fall in love with him. He gets down on one knee in The Dog and proposes that they stay married.”

Does she accept his proposal?

“She does, but for her own reasons. Darren doesn’t know it, but Hannah’s so fed up with her mum Suzanne’s reaction to the Denmark wedding that she’s decided to stay married to him in rebellion.”

Did they go so far as actually having sex in Denmark?

“Hannah can’t remember a thing but Darren can. And no, they didn’t.”

Is Cindy jealous that he’s going to stay married to Hannah?

“Darren and Cindy are two sides of the same coin. Money is their motivation right now and Hannah and Tony, who Cindy’s getting close to, are useful to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if Darren and Cindy team up to get what they want from both of them…”

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