Darren’s double trouble!

Hollyoaks‘ Ashley Taylor-Dawson reveals Darren’s dream turns into a nightmare when both Cindy AND Suzanne move in…

We know Darren still wants Cindy so what is it with Suzanne? She’s older, married and also his one-time mum-in-law to boot…

“They’re both lonely and there’s a bit of a thrill for Darren as she’s an older woman. It’s just a bit of fun for both of them.”

Doesn’t Darren feel bad about cheating with Neville’s wife right under his nose?

“He does but Suzanne doesn’t seem bothered about it so Darren thinks ‘OK then…’ He was embarrassed though when Rhys caught the pair of them just as they were about to get down to it…”

And yet it didn’t stop the affair?

“Maybe Darren thinks he isn’t really the one doing wrong, that Suzanne is… He’s not even bothered when Cindy catches them next. She’s bought some racy underwear and goes round to make a move on him and finds him in bed with Suzanne. She’s totally shocked but Darren loves the fact she’s jealous.”

Rhys seems to have more morals though… What happens when he tells Neville about the affair?

“He chucks Suzanne out and she turns up at Darren’s… about the same time Cindy decides to move in with Holly after Tony’s told her it’s over and he wants a divorce.”

Any sensible man would see that living with both women would be a disaster…

“Not Darren. He thinks it’s a dream come true. Two women he fancies living in his place, doing his washing, cooking for him, tidying up… Only the reality’s a bit different. Cindy and Suzanne get on like a house on fire and boss Darren around. He even has to sleep on the couch!”

Given the choice, would he go for Cindy or Suzanne?

“Cindy any time. He’d really like to make a go of things with her. He gets on with Holly too and was really chuffed when she wanted to live with him not Tony.”

With Steph Waring (Cindy) going on maternity leave and Suzanne written out, it looks like a lose-lose for Darren…

“It’s always the way with him. He just can’t seem to get it right with women.”

Your new boss Paul Marquess says he’s taking Darren in a new direction… What does he mean?

“I’ll let you know when I find out!”

Might Darren get left looking after Holly if Cindy takes off?

“Anything can happen in Hollyoaks…”

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