Emmett Scanlan: Brendan will get “even darker”

Hollyoaks star Emmett J Scanlan has warned fans that upcoming episodes of the late night spin-off show Hollyoaks Later will see his character Brendan Brady reach “a new level of darkness”.

The actor revealed that his bad boy alter ego will play a major role in the show, which will be screened on E4 for five nights in the autumn.

“It builds very, very nicely throughout all five episodes,” Emmett said. “Come episode four and five it takes the storyline to a new level of darkness and black comedy.

“There’s some very daring stuff, very ballsy stuff that I don’t think has ever been done on Hollyoaks before, so for that reason alone I’m excited as hell.”

The actor also shed more light on his role in crime drama The Fall, which he is currently shooting in Northern Ireland alongside Hollyoaks co-stars Karen Hassan and Bronagh Waugh.

“I’ve had about 10 flights in the last 9 days – that’s not an exaggeration,” said Emmett, who plays a detective hunting a murderer in the show. “I’ve been back and forth, back and forth, it’s been immense.”

“For the first time in a long time I’ve been cast as a good guy. I’m going from hunting a serial killer to being hunted myself when I’m back on Hollyoaks. It’s a massive change.”

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