Fans can put themselves in the crime scene with #Hollyoaks360 video experience

Hollyoaks has kicked off a 360 video campaign, becoming the first soap to offer the audience the immersive filming experience.

Fans will be able to join Hollyoaks’ detective DS Thorpe as he visits an imagined crime scene from the Gloved Hand Killer storyline and look for clues.

The film will be available to watch on Friday following the E4 broadcast at 7.30pm on Hollyoaks YouTube and Twitter.

In the footage DS Thorpe, who has been investigating the Gloved Hand Murders, arrives at the Roscoes’, which is closed off by police tape following another murder.

He can be overheard chatting to his wife before sitting down on the sofa, surveying the debris scattered around him and reflecting on the events that have happened in the room.

Items belonging to key players in the Gloved Hand Killer investigation are scattered around the room belonging to Lindsey, Kim, Mercedes and Silas as well as memorabilia belonging to other members of the Roscoe household.

Viewers of Thursday’s Channel 4 episode will see killer Lindsey Butterfield make a call to serial killer Silas Blissett asking for his help. She is currently on the run after committing seven murders in the village.

What happens as a result of the pair joining forces will be revealed in the week starting Monday, May 16th. But Lindsey’s sister Kim, her ex-lovers Joe and Freddie Roscoe and her former best friend and love rival Mercedes are currently in immediate danger from the pair. But who’ll be the next victim?
The launch of the video kicks off the #Hollyoaks360 series which will allow viewers unprecedented behind the scenes access to the show.

The first film in the series was shot by former Hollyoaks actor turned Brandwidth producer Matt Littler on Nokia’s Virtual Reality camera the Nokia OZO.

The camera records the full 360 sphere using 8 lenses, alongside 8 matched microphones for 3D audio.

Viewable on YouTube the footage also allows those using a VR headset, like Google Cardboard, to truly experience being inside a Hollyoaks set.
Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood said: “I am really excited that Hollyoaks’ first use of immersive 360 filming has been in one of our biggest ever storylines.

“It’s so important that soaps keep on finding new ways to engage the audience across all platforms and deliver twists and surprises both on and off-screen. ”


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