Gemma Bissix: ‘I could win Come Dine With Me!’

Gemma Bissix has revealed she’d love to appear on Celebrity Come Dine With Me – but would be careful to tidy up first.

The former Hollyoaks and EastEnders star – who has competed in BBC cookery show MasterChef – is worried about what people might find in her drawers if she takes part in the show.

Gemma said: “I’d love to – definitely, I’d like to think I’d win this one though – I’d just have to make sure what was in the underwear drawer was clean!”

She added: “You just have to make sure that your drawers are only full of things that you want people to see.

“These people that have embarrassing things that they find, I’m sure they leave them there on purpose – of course you’d get rid of it if you have someone coming into your house.

“I might not do it at my house, I might have it at my mum’s house or something, ’cause it’s a lot nicer than mine.”

Gemma has already planned her menu.

She revealed: “I’d have to work out if there were any vegetarians because I like my meat. I’d cook a nice fillet steak with some dauphinoise potatoes – something really tasty.

“Some hearty, good food and then do a really posh dessert to show off my skills.”

Gemma was speaking on behalf of Echo Falls wine, sponsors of Come Dine With Me.

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