Gemma Bissix: Playing Clare ‘gets rid of my demons’

Gemma Bissix has said she thinks her Hollyoaks character Clare Devine has an expiry date and should only return to the show in short bursts.

The actress who plays Hollyoaks’ glamorous but evil Clare told Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff about her views on her character.

Gemma, 29, said: “She’s kind of developed, and now it’s definitely red nails, red lipstick and the red dress.

“The thing with Clare is that she’s got this invincibility about her, which is what I love. That’s the thing – she is purely evil.

“It’s so funny and it keeps me happy on a daily basis, because I get to get rid of all those demons and exorcise all these things. It’s so much fun.

“I’ve done a little stint this time and I will be going back in the summer to do a good few months. So that’s the plan. But I think she has an expiry date, so you can only do bits and pieces at a time.”

While Gemma has been filming her episodes she has been staying in Liverpool with co-stars Nick Pickard, who plays Tony Hutchinson, and Jimmy McKenna, who plays Jack Osborne.

Her recent storyline saw her continue her reign of evil by kidnapping Mercedes McQueen.

She said: “It’s like going home and seeing your family again. It’s been fantastic.”