Hollyoaks’ Gemma Merna reveals to Soaplife how Carmel finds out her Mr Perfect – Jim – isn’t so perfect after all!

So Carmel really thinks Jim is the one, doesn’t she?

“Yes, she adores him; he’s the love of her life. She wants to marry him and have his children. Jim has brought the best out in Carmel. He has given her love and security even when she didn’t feel good about herself.”

And she’s over the fact that he slept with Myra?

“Yes, because she wasn’t with Jim when that happened.”

What does she think about his dodgy work?

“She doesn’t know the proper ins and outs of it. I think a few years ago, that would have bothered her, but now, she has been through so much, she would rather put her relationship first. Everything’s fine between them.”

So why does Carmel go through Jim’s stuff?

“She’s at Santa’s grotto with Dennis and Theresa when Dennis says the wrong thing and hints that Jim might be seeing somebody else. It panics Carmel and Theresa says, ‘We need to search his flat’. Carmel doesn’t really want to, but Theresa twists her arm.”


“They have a good old rummage. They go through his clothes, his drawers, the bed, everything. Carmel feels guilty, but Theresa eggs her on, saying, ‘Do you want to know or not?’”

And she does find something…

“A letter in his wallet. I can’t tell you what’s in the letter, but it’s not what Carmel wants to see.”


OK…So what does she do?

“She storms into the court whilst Jim’s working. It’s one of the best scenes I have ever filmed at Hollyoaks. She barges in and shouts at him, in front of the judge and the whole court.”

Excellent! How does Jim react?

“Well, he’s like, ‘That’s my Carmel, so I can’t be too angry with her’.”

What can you tell us about this letter?

“It’s the start of a story that will develop and play out for a while.”


Do you want Carmel’s relationship with Jim to survive?

“Yes, because I love working with Dan [Tetsell who plays Jim]. He’s very funny. He’s a brilliant comic actor and I’ve learned so much from him. Viewers seem to like Jim and Carmel together, too. Jim isn’t who you would expect Carmel to fall for and that’s part of the reason it works so well.”


Would you like another screen wedding?

“Yes! A wedding between Jim and Carmel would be funny. Much lighter than Carmel’s last wedding with Calvin.”