Gemma Merna on Carmel’s unending heartbreak

Hollyoaks’ Gemma Merna reveals nothing can kill her love for Calvin… except maybe finding out Theresa is having his baby!

How does Carmel cope with being widowed on her wedding day?

“She doesn’t. She’s in pieces and can’t come to terms with the fact Calvin’s gone.”

What was it like filming Calvin’s death?

“Very upsetting. I was standing there thinking, ‘Somebody’s just been killed’, then when I realised Ricky Whittle [Calvin] was going to be leaving for good it really got my emotions going.”

Has it changed her feelings for Calvin to find out he was cheating with her sister?

“It was a huge shock. She can’t understand why Calvin would have wanted an affair, but it’s Mercedes she blames. There’s no point in blaming Calvin as he’s not here.”

What Mercedes did is nothing to what Theresa’s done… She killed him!

“Carmel doesn’t know that yet though. It’ll be devastating for her. Theresa’s the last person Carmel would expect.”

Does she know Theresa’s pregnant?

“She finds out when Lauren lets slip that Theresa’s gone for a termination, but she has no idea the baby is Calvin’s.”

Why then is Carmel so desperate to stop Theresa having the termination?

“Just days before, Carmel thinks she’s pregnant and is really pleased. She’d love to have had Calvin’s baby because it would mean a part of him is still alive. But it turns out to be a false alarm so when she hears Theresa’s pregnant it gives her something to live for. It’s a new life. It’s hope.”

How will she feel if she saves the baby then finds out it’s actually Calvin’s child?

“Devastated, jealous, betrayed – by both of them… though maybe a little part of her might be glad Calvin lives on in the baby.”

Would she understand why Theresa killed him?

“She’d try because she’s that sort of person, but I’m not sure she could ever forgive her.”

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