Hollyoaks’ Gemma Merna says Carmel can’t live without Calvin – but very soon she’s going to have to…

Carmel and Calvin have been married, divorced, made up and split up… What makes Carmel believe it will be any different this time after she proposes?

“Carmel loves Calvin and always has done. She’s 100 per cent sure she wants a future with him and wants to make it right once and for all…”

How does she propose?

“She runs up to him in the village and drops to one knee outside Il Gnosh. She says ‘Will you marry me?’ and he lifts her up and says, ‘Of course I’ll marry you!'”

She dumped him because she couldn’t cope with knowing he left Warren to die. How has that changed?

“When Calvin ends up being questioned about his involvement in Warren’s death by the police she realises she should never have told Mercedes their secret. Fortunately he manages to talk his way out of it and Carmel is at last able to put it behind them.”

What plans does Carmel have for their second-time-around wedding?

“She wants it to be very different to the first and it is. Last time the dress didn’t
fit and she turned up on roller skates. Everyone has seen from the flash-forward episode that this time she gets every girl’s fantasy wedding.”

Until it goes tragically wrong and Calvin’s shot dead… Could Carmel be the killer? Might she find out about his cheating?

“I don’t think any girl would be happy if she found out her partner had slept with her sister and her cousin! Upset and angry is an understatement to describe how Carmel would feel. But right now Carmel’s in her own little bubble. Whether she ever finds out is all to be revealed…”

If she’s not the killer how will she cope with losing the love of her life?

“It’s going to be a difficult time for her, but I’m looking forward to proving I’m not
a one-trick pony as an actress.”

How do you feel about Ricky Whittle leaving as Calvin?

“Really sad. I’ll miss his dancing – we can’t stop him dancing these days!”

Have you been making plans for your real wedding to your partner Ian Minton?

“It won’t be until next year and I have no idea what kind of wedding we’ll have yet. I’ve been too busy to think about it.”