Hollyoaks Anthony Quinlan tells Soaplife that Gilly is positive he didn’t rape Jacqui but hasn’t a clue how to prove it…

Gilly’s in a terrible mess… Why did he ever get involved with Jacqui?

“Lynsey had given him the brush-off and Rhys and Jacqui had a row. Gilly and Jacqui were drowning their sorrows together back at the flat.”

Now Jacqui says Gilly raped her… What really happened?

“They started kissing on the sofa and the next thing you saw was Jacqui getting out of bed. Nobody apart from Jacqui and Gilly knows what happened between them…”

But Tom saw them kissing… Did he see anything else?

“No. They went into the bedroom and the only two people in that room were Gilly and Jacqui so it’s her word against his.”

Has Gilly tried talking to Jacqui about her allegations?

“He’s distraught and can’t believe it. He tells her that she was more than up for it.”

But why would Jacqui lie?

“Maybe so she doesn’t have to take the blame for having sex with him. He thinks she’s lying to hide her guilt from Rhys.”

And Rhys doesn’t know who to believe…

“Gilly told him it was a drunken one-off but swears it wasn’t rape. He can’t believe his friend thinks he could be capable of such a thing. He tells Rhys he would never hurt a woman. But Rhys is torn. He’s trying to support both of them.”

Is Gilly innocent?

“None of us know. We’re playing it that our characters both think they’re right. Jacqui believes she’s been raped and Gilly’s certain the sex was consensual. He’s broken by the accusations.”

Jacqui’s reported the rape to the police… Who do they believe?

“Put it this way, Gilly’s arrested and charged with rape then let out on bail. He’s devastated.”

It’s a horrible scenario. He could go to prison…

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