Hannah Tointon hates horror… but will star in it

Former Hollyoaks star Hannah Tointon has confessed she hates horror films, despite starring in one that’s just about to hit cinemas.

The 20-year-old actress plays teenager Casey in The Children, a British horror film, set at Christmas time, about children turning against their parents.

But Hannah revealed: “I’m not a fan, I wish I could say I was, but I really am not. I get scared at anything. The director Tom (Shankland) gave me a few films to watch for my character and I just can’t watch them. I just hide behind a pillow really.”

And Hannah was even scared watching the film, after filming it and knowing how all the stunts worked. “What seems like a nice family get-together turns into a bit of a bloodbath. It was horrible, but it was fascinating really, to see it all work. The prosthetic designer was amazing but as the film progresses it gets more and more bloody.

“At first it grossed me out and then I just saw it as fake and not real.

“I thought that when I saw the film I just wouldn’t be scared any more because I’d seen all the blood and I knew how it worked, but I was just as scared as any other horror film.

“At first I was really intrigued. Everything about the film suggests innocence with the children, the perfect Christmas, the fact it was set in the day, not a night-time horror. I thought that was really interesting.

“The first part of the film you think could be any other Christmas happy jolly film, so it’s very unexpected.”

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