It’s decision time for torn-between-twin-brothers bride Holly in Hollyoaks. Amanda Clapham tells the story to Soaplife…

Why is Holly marrying Jason if she’s unsure of their relationship?

“Jason [Alfie Browne-Sykes] is a safe bet. He’s the one who suggested marriage and, because they’ve had problems in their relationship, Holly thinks this will fix things. She believes nothing else will go wrong if they’re husband and wife, which is obviously no reason to make such a big commitment.”

Which twin does she love most?

“Jason’s a decent guy, who’ll do anything for Holly, so he’s the better choice for her. But Robbie [Charlie Wernham] is fun and a bit of a bad boy, and she fancies him more. She’s so young that she doesn’t know who she is or what she likes, and she’s in the process of finding out.”

How does Jason’s stag do go?

“Holly grows paranoid when she fears he’s having fun with a stripper so she gatecrashes his party. Jason’s dancing with the stripper and she realises Robbie set it up. She feels jealous, but she’s also envious when she sees Robbie kissing the stripper at the bar.”

And she ends up in Robbie’s arms…

“She takes Jason home because he’s drunk, then she bumps into Robbie. They end up kissing and spend the night at the garage. That really confuses her. She says, ‘I’m getting married today, I have to go…’ and Robbie wishes her well.”

What can you tell us about the wedding day?

“Well, Robbie is Jason’s best man but is nowhere to be seen at the start. When he does turn up, he begs Holly to marry him and not Jason. Also, Cindy [Stephanie Waring] found out about Holly’s affair with Robbie and she tells Holly the right thing to do is go ahead and marry Jason.”

And does she?

“She’s got a tough decision to make and, either way, it’s probably going to end badly. There’s a lot more drama to come and there’s a bit of a revelation as well. It’s going to be very exciting.”

Hollyoaks, C4