Amy marries Ryan, but their happiness is cut short by her death, triggering a massive whodunit! Ashley Slanina-Davies reveals all to Soaplife...


It’s all smiles as Amy Barnes prepares to marry Ryan Knight – even Ste Hay is on his best behaviour at the start of the big day. But, with Amy set to die this fortnight, there will be no happily-ever-after for the couple. “Amy’s in such a good place just before the wedding,” actress Ashley Slanina-Davies tells Soaplife. “She’s finally created a stable family unit and this is a fresh start for her… Everything’s great.” What a shame it has to end so soon!

How does Amy feel about the wedding?
“She’s only had two days to plan it so she’s a little stressed because it’s all very last-minute. Amy loves Ryan [Duncan James] and she’s forgiven him for sleeping with Mercedes McQueen. As far as she’s concerned, that’s done. They’ve been to therapy and they’ve moved past it.”

And how is she getting on with Ste (Kieron Richardson)?
“He’s being really well behaved. In fact, he’s like a new man. Living with Amy and the kids has shown him what his life could be like if he managed to keep it all together.”

So, what’s the fly in the ointment?
“Ryan’s got a new job in America – with more money and a swimming pool.”

Hollyoaks Amy Ryan Wedding

Would Amy really decide to take the kids so far away from Ste?
“It’s kind of upsetting for her because she knows it would be hard for Ste. She genuinely believes it’s healthier if her children have him in their lives. It’s also what’s best for Ste as he’s like a brother to her. But the job Ryan’s been offered is great, which is why it’s an impossible decision.”

What’s the wedding ceremony like?
“It’s full of nice, normal, happy moments, which were really nice for us to film. There are some sweet moments between Amy and her dad, Mike, and Ste and the kids.”

Did you enjoy filming it?
“I loved it. I liked the dress and the hair, and the make-up was amazing. At the end of filming, I was like, ‘I need to go out to show it off!’.”

Ryan Knight

Can you tell us how Amy dies?
“Of course not! It will probably shock viewers and they might want to rewind it to watch it again. I’ve left the show now, but I’ll be watching the death scene. I’ll find it funny because there are shots of Amy’s body and I found it so hard to keep still. I’m the worst actor at playing dead.”

It’s going to be really sad, then…
“It’s going to be awful for everyone left behind. I’m going to find the funeral hard to watch because the kids do such great sad faces.”

What are you doing next?
“I’m continuing with a degree in neuroscience. I took a year out to come back to Hollyoaks for this storyline. Thankfully, I don’t start until September, so I have time to do a bit of reading and recall what it was I was actually studying!”

Will you stay in touch with your co-stars?
“Of course. I’ll have to make a big effort because I know Amy’s never coming back. I’ll miss them.”

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