Hollyoaks’ Ashley: ‘Nancy’s helped Darren grow up’

Hollyoaks‘ Ashley Taylor Dawson tells Soaplife why he thinks Darren will be able to organise his wedding to Nancy – but that it could all still go very wrong!

Darren wants to tie the knot with Nancy and organise every tiny detail of their wedding as a lovely surprise for her. Er, hello? Darren couldn’t organise a you-know-what in a brewery. “He thinks it’s a romantic gesture Nancy will love,” says Ashley. Or not…

How does Darren feel about Nancy?

“He’s besotted with her. He feels she’s good for him and that he almost doesn’t deserve her. Nancy is this strong woman who’s everything that Darren isn’t. He’s been through the mill but now, for once in his life, Darren is happy. They’ve known each other for a long time, and work well together. Thanks to Nancy, Darren’s matured.”

Have they discussed their wedding?

“No. It’s Darren’s idea. He’s got The Dog back, is content with life and wants to show Nancy how much he loves her. He thinks a surprise wedding will do that.”

Has Darren fixed a date for this wedding?

“He hasn’t even thought of the how and when yet! He’s just got carried away with the idea. But I don’t think it’s far off.”

Will it, though? Women can be fussy about their wedding day…

“Yes… And what does Darren know about weddings? Nancy is the sort of woman who’d be fussy about her wedding and with Darren at the helm, it could be the tackiest thing ever.”

Is Nancy the love of his life?

“I think so, although there is always Cindy. They’re more alike, but I’m not sure that would make a relationship work.”

Is Cindy a threat to Darren and Nancy?

“I don’t know. She could be. This is Hollyoaks!”

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