Hollyoaks’ Ashley reveals Darren’s in love

Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor-Dawson warns that Darren’s scam to make Hannah love him is going a bit wrong!

How’s Darren’s plan to get The Dog back going?

“He’s married to the daughter of the family who own The Dog. What could be better? He reckons he can wheedle his way in there. “

In fact Neville makes him assistant manager. How does that come about?

“Darren manages to impress Neville with a few money-making ideas for The Dog and Rhys is put out. Neville warns his son to pull his weight, and when Rhys loses it and insults his dad he ends up out of a job and out of a home.”

Why’s Darren so desperate to get The Dog?

“He wants to prove to his family he’s not all bad. He thinks Jack will forgive him for everything and life will be like it was before. It’s a bit naive of him but that’s Darren all over.”

Are Darren and Cindy properly over?

“Not yet. They’re in a kind of competition to see who can get what they want first – for Darren, The Dog, and for Cindy, marriage to Tony. But they come close to finishing when Cindy finds out Darren has spent the night with Hannah.”

So their marriage isn’t just a scam?

“Yes and no. Hannah’s lonely and Darren says he‘ll cheer her up with a night in and a romcom at his. They get talking… then kissing… then it’s the next morning…”

How does Cindy find out?

“She calls round to see Darren – and Hannah’s still there. She tells Darren they’re through.”

What changes her mind?

“Darren makes it clear to Hannah their night together was a mistake then tries one last time with Cindy. He suggests a master plan to fleece Hannah and Tony together. And she agrees…”

How is the con going to work?

“Basically, the idea is Darren will surreptitiously bring The Dog to its knees so the Ashworths are forced to sell, then Cindy will make sure Tony moves in to buy it…”

What’ll happen to Hannah and Tony if their plan comes off?

“They’ll be dumped and Darren and Cindy will become an item again. That’s what’s supposed to happen but I don’t know if it will.”

Why not?

“Emotions that neither of them had counted on might come into play. It could all go Pete Tong if Darren’s flirtations turn into something much deeper. He might really fall for Hannah…”