Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor Dawson: ‘Darren loves the new old Nancy!’

Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor Dawson tells Soaplife that Darren wants Nancy back – and she wants him, too. But then he finds out she slept with Joe… Uh-oh!

So, Darren regrets dumping Nancy now?
“Don’t forget Nancy had a drugs problem and almost drove a car off the top of a building with the children inside, so he had every right to think she’d lost the plot. But now she’s back, she looks different, she’s calmer – she’s the old Nancy, the one he fell in love with and he realises that, yes, he’s probably made a mistake.”

About time, too! What does he do?
“Firstly, he gives Nancy joint custody of the children and tries to help her out. She has nowhere and Darren offers her his flat where she can set up on her own. He’s trying to do the right thing by her.”

And he wants her back…
“He does. They have this day out and Darren starts talking about their wedding day as the happiest day of his life. They go to the Folly and find the brick they carved their initials into. You can see that they’re definitely still in love with each other. Darren apologises for the way he’s been and asks Nancy if there’s any chance of them getting back together.”

What does Nancy say?
“Unfortunately, the moment is broken by Sienna who turns up and starts throwing things around.”

Is that it then?
“Darren asks Nancy again in the pub and she tells him ‘no’. Then she admits she has slept with someone else and Darren is shocked that she’s moved on so quickly. He’s getting a taste of his own medicine.”

How does he find out it was Joe?
“Sienna figures it out and drops some big hints to Darren. He’s really angry. He gets on with Joe better than any of the other Roscoe brothers, he has even talked to Joe about Nancy and Joe has given him advice. As soon as he realises it is Joe it’s like a red rag to the bull.”

Does he have any suspicions Sienna is up to no good?
“He has no idea she has Tom captive. All he knows is that she’s not answering her phone and is never around. He doesn’t know why and even wonders if she might be having an affair. He’s not best pleased with Sienna at the moment and is feeling trapped. There’s a lot more drama to come…”


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