Hollyoaks’ Beth ‘felt sick’ filming horrific exit

Hollyoaks actress Beth Kingston has revealed the soap’s chilling Christmas plot will be ‘very upsetting’ for viewers.

Her character India Longford meets her maker after she is attacked and killed by a man she contacts on an internet dating site.

Despite initially taking precautions and bringing her pals along, India ignores her own advice and heads out on her own after her date asks her to meet him somewhere else.

Beth said: “It’s going to be very upsetting because it comes as such a shock in the episode. She is in such a happy mood, she thinks she’s found the one and she’s talking about the future and is really hopeful about everything.

“And it’s such a horrible thing that happens.”

Beth, whose role in Hollyoaks was the result of a competition, said she was ‘really excited’ to be given such a meaty exit storyline.

But she added: “My tummy did go slightly when I was filming the final part when he goes to attack me and when he slams the boot down, which is supposed to have my body in it. I did feel a bit sick, but just because it’s a horrible subject. But I really enjoyed the challenge.”

And she said her mother will struggle to watch the dark scenes.

“When I read to her what happened she said she felt physically sick. She was thinking of it happening to her own daughter, so she says she can’t bear to watch it, but I think she won’t be able not to. We’ll all watch it together.”