Hollyoaks boss plans ‘very different’ live episode

Hollyoaks bosses are considering staging their own spin on a live episode after successful episodes of live Coronation Street and EastEnders.

But series producer Paul Marquess said the planned foray into live territory would be ‘very different’ from what other shows have attempted.

He told Digital Spy: “We are talking about something that is sort of live, but it probably wouldn’t be until 2012 and it’s very, very different from what anyone’s done before.

“It’s actually more ambitious. But it’s so ambitious that I don’t think I can fit it into 2011, as it needs so much planning. It would be a Hollyoaks Live that would involve the audience in a way that no one else has done.”

Coronation Street celebrated its 50th anniversary with a live episode last year, a decade after its previous one, while EastEnders marked its 25th birthday with a live episode last February.