Hollyoaks’ Calvin Valentine is thrilled when girlfriend Louise tells him she’s pregnant. But he soon learns that someone else could be the daddy. Ricky Whittle tells all…

How did Calvin feel when Louise first told him he was going to be a dad?
“It was a big shock! Calvin’s had a crazy few months plus he and Louise haven’t been together for long but he’s a family kind of guy and, once he got used to the idea, couldn’t wait to be a dad.”

But when Warren burst Calvin’s bubble by claiming that he could be the father, it was up to Louise to convince him that Warren was lying. So, does Calvin believe her now?
“Maybe deep, deep down he has doubts but he so desperately wants to believe her he convinces himself what she’s saying is true. He has this vision of the perfect family life he’ll have with Louise and their baby.”

Is Calvin genuinely in love with Louise?
“Madly. She’s the perfect woman in his eyes. She’s beautiful, successful, intelligent, independent. Calvin can’t actually believe his luck that she’s interested in him – a rookie cop with a dysfunctional family.”

Does he think she’s out of his league?
“Yes, he thinks that he’s punching above his weight. He wonders what he has to offer her when there are other guys in The Oaks – guys like Warren, for instance, who’s a wealthy ‘businessman’. Calvin’s always worried she might go off with someone else – at least he did until he found out about the baby.”

Is marriage on the cards?
“Calvin does ask Louise to marry him. I’m not telling if she accepts or not…”

Does Calvin worry that Louise doesn’t seem excited about the baby?
“She’s so not excited – the complete opposite to Calvin and his sister Sasha who keep buying Louise pregnancy-related presents and wanting to talk about possible names. But he’s so excited himself he doesn’t really pick up that she clearly is not.”

Does Calvin fear that Louise is having second thoughts about having the baby?
“Well there’s clearly something wrong and her mood doesn’t improve. But Calvin puts this down to Louise’s morning sickness.”

How would Calvin react if Louise got rid of the baby?
“As you’d expect, he’d go totally ballistic and seriously start going off the rails. I can’t see how his relationship with Louise could possibly survive…”