Hollyoaks star Kevin Sacre has said it’s brave of the soap to attempt a controversial child killer storyline.

This month it will emerge that Loretta Jones (Melissa Walton) and her old friend Chrissy (Amber Hodgkiss) killed a child when they were 12 and have been living under false names.

Kevin praised the plot despite some people pointing out that the plot has echoes of James Bulger’s murder, which saw 10-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables kill the two-year-old in Merseyside in 1993, before being locked up and released under new identities.

Kevin, whose character Jake Dean is dating Loretta in the soap, said: “I think the fact that it’s the sort of thing that happens in real life means it’s something that should be addressed. Anyone who buries their head in the sand is a bit naive. And I think soap is a medium where you can explore issues of real life.

“I think it’s brave they’re doing it. I’m looking forward to being involved in it. My own personal views don’t really come in to it. As an actor it’s very exciting to be involved in something like that.”

A Hollyoaks spokesman previously insisted the storyline was not based on any real-life case, adding: “We take very seriously our responsibility to tackle sensitive issues in an appropriate way.”

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