Hollyoaks’ Claire: ‘Jacqui’s in real danger!’

Claire Cooper reveals to Soaplife that there are lots of tears shed as Jacqui prepares to leave Hollyoaks village for ever…

So, it looks like Jacqui’s going to make a dramatic exit as she tries to rescue Mercedes, who has been kidnapped and held for ransom…
“When Jacqui sees images of Mercy battered and bruised she takes it very seriously and steps up, Jacqui style. She plans to raise the ransom money by doing a job with Trudy, using Nana and Theresa as assistants. It involves a mate of Trudy’s called Trevor and flogging a truck load of vodka…”

But Jacqui discovers it’s not vodka in the truck, it’s illegal immigrants!
“She’s stunned. She hears a noise from the back of the van and when she goes to investigate there are five illegal immigrants hiding there. It hits Jacqui hard and she wants to do right by them, but she’s torn between saving these poor people or saving her sister.”

Where’s Tony in all of this?
“He knows about the plan, but he doesn’t know all the details. Jacqui’s always loved Tony, but so many people have trampled on her that she finds it hard to let people in.”

What happens to Jacqui if things go wrong?
“Death is pretty high on the list! Trudy’s friend Trevor is dangerous – the stakes are massively high.”

Does Jacqui leave Hollyoaks dead or alive?
“Some things are best left a secret!”