Calvin Valentine has always been Hollyoaks‘ Mr Honest. But, as actor Ricky Whittle explains, this good cop is about to turn really, really bad…

Calvin’s been meeting Sasha’s drug dealer to try and get her off heroin. What happens when Warren finds out?
“Calvin’s been confiscating drugs off Sasha’s dealer Nige. Warren reveals he’s got CCTV footage of him pocketing the drugs and letting the dealer go, so Warren’s got a hold over Calvin and convinces him to turn up to a meeting he’s having with Nige.”

We’re guessing that Nige isn’t exactly pleased when Calvin the cop shows up?
“Nige doesn’t react in a good way and pulls a knife on Calvin and starts goading him about how his sister slept with him for drugs. No big brother wants to hear that so he punches Nige and Nige stabs him in the arm. Calvin grabs the first thing he sees and smashes Nige over the head with a metal champagne bucket, knocking him unconscious.”

What happens then?
“Warren sends Calvin to the hospital to have his arm checked out and the next day Warren reveals to Calvin that Nige actually died. Moral and honest Calvin wants to confess to the police straight away, because that’s the sort of person he is. He also wants to tell Carmel and basically Warren guilt trips him into not saying anything.”

“Warren says: ‘Who’s going to stop Sasha turning back to drugs? If you go back to jail, she’ll be back on the smack and no one will be there to help her out. And: ‘Is Carmel going to spend the next 10 years speaking to you through a glass window? You can’t go to jail because your family and fiancée need you’.”

And then Warren does something that he thinks will guarantee Calvin’s silence…
“Warren hides the body for Calvin, so he’s now implicated. If Calvin did go to the police, he’d get Warren in trouble as well. So the two Alpha males in the village are now having to become allies.”

So does this mean that Calvin’s going to turn bad?
“It’s going to be a big downward spiral for Calvin. Calvin’s be a very trustworthy, straight-down-the-line guy but he’s got nothing to show for it. Warren’s been wheeling and dealing, killing people, having affairs and he’s got the club, the car, the girl and the money. Warren’s going to show Calvin what he’s been missing out on.”

But Calvin’s a cop, who’s paid to stay on the right side of the law…
“Calvin’s going to become a very corrupt cop. He’s always done things by the book, and it’s got him nowhere. So he’s just gonna run for a little while on the dark side and see where it takes him…”