Hollyoaks’ Craig: ‘My life’s nothing like Ethan’s’

Hollyoaks hunk Craig Vye reveals to Soaplife how Ethan is desperate to cover his tracks after he runs over Rob and leaves him lying in a pool of blood!

Ethan’s back and demonstrates yet again that he’s not cut out to be a copper when he runs over student Rob while texting Theresa – and then speeds off and leaves Rob lying unconscious in the road! Craig talks to Soaplife about the dramatic developments…

Where has Ethan been?

“He needed some space after the whole Silas business. He knows a lot of people are angry with him and, as he’s not a coward, he has come back to face the music.”

What kind of a reception does he get?

“Doug is just about the only friendly face to greet him. People are very frosty towards him.”

And then he runs over Rob! How does that happen?

“Ethan has texted Theresa to say he’s coming over. Things are not great between them and he knows he treated her badly. But he still has feelings for her. He pulls out and then speeds up. He looks down, wondering whether or not he should send the text, when Rob walks into the road.”

And Ethan hits him! What does he do?

“He stops the car, gets out and looks behind him. He can see Rob lying motionless on the road in a pool of blood. He’s in complete shock and panics. His brain is racing and he’s starting to think of the consequences. He knows that if the police find out he hit Rob, they would check his phone records and find out he was sending a text at the time. He doesn’t want his career to be over. He wants to be a detective.”

A detective?! He failed to spot the Hollyoaks killer even though Lynsey told him it was Silas! He knows Theresa is a killer! And he texts while driving!

“I know, he has made some stupid mistakes and he’s been a bit of a rubbish cop so far, but in his own mind he thinks he’ll be a really good detective. Although you would worry if he turned up to handle your case, wouldn’t you?”

He makes another mistake by turning to Theresa for help…

“He thinks that because she has killed someone she’ll be able to understand what he’s going through.”

And does she?

“She’s really disturbed, but she agrees to help him to pay him back for protecting her.”

But then she drags Warren into it…

“At one point, Ethan is ready to hand himself in when Theresa persuades him that Warren can help them. But you know that whenever Mr Fox gets involved, things only get worse! Ethan knows he’s dancing with the devil, but can’t see another way out.”

Does Ethan want Rob to die?

“No! But he doesn’t want him to live and tell everyone what Ethan did, either. He’s hoping Rob will live, but not remember much about the accident.”

Are you enjoying this storyline?

“Yes! I love the way Ethan gets himself into these situations. He has good intentions, but he’s flawed. I’m glad that my own life is nothing like his!”