Hollyoaks’ Danny: ‘Dodger’s life’s too stressful!’

Hollyoaks hunk Danny Mac tells Soaplife that Dodger tries to put the nightmare of his killer brother Will behind him… but he gets another huge shock!

Dodger tries to move on by having a one-night stand. Who with?
“I can’t tell you, but I don’t think viewers will be surprised. He tries to move on by sleeping with an old flame, but it only helps for 10 minutes. He ends up hurting the woman and that causes him pain because he’s not a bad guy.”

Then he finds out Sienna is faking her pregnancy…
“The alarm goes off at Anna’s house and a neighbour calls Dodger. He goes over there and is shocked to see Sienna. Then he notices her fake baby bump on a chair and realises she’s not having a baby.”

“He’s disgusted and disappointed. Sienna tries to explain why she’s faking it and Dodger storms off.”

Will Dodger tell Darren the truth?
“He doesn’t think it’s his place to tell Darren. He thinks Sienna should do it.”

He’s in for another shock when he gets an email, supposedly from Texas…
“Seeing her name come up on the screen brings up lots of emotions, but of course, he knows it’s not her. He tries to work out who has done it and the first person who comes to mind is Will. Nobody else would need or want to do that to him.”

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Dodger?
“I have no idea, but at the moment I think he needs a holiday!”

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