Hollyoaks double shock: ‘Tony fears the worst’

Nick Pickard talks to Soaplife about Tony’s cancer – and how he’s scared he won’t live to be a daddy in Hollyoaks

Tony’s found a lump, but hasn’t confided in any of his friends… Why not?
“It’s a testicular lump so there’s the embarrassment factor. It’s hard enough going to the doctor, let alone telling anybody about it. Also Tony hasn’t really got anyone close to talk to right now. Diane’s pregnant with his baby and so excited about it, and Tony doesn’t want to stress her out.”
Talking of pregnant Diane… Does Tony feel trapped by her?
“Diane actually tells Tony he doesn’t have to stick around. After all, he only slept with her twice. He tells her that he wants to, but of course his head’s all over the place. Diane can see from the look on his face that he’s worried about something and thinks she is the problem.”

Then he finds out they’re having twins!
“That’s another shock. Diane has some bleeding and thinks she’s losing the baby. At the hospital she has a scan and they’re told there are two babies. Of course Tony’s thrilled but, again, it really underlines his own health worries.”

He’s told he has testicular cancer… Is there anyone he can turn to for support?
“He loved Jacqui and she’d definitely have been his shoulder to cry on, but she’s gone. When the doctor tells him that it’s testicular cancer, she actually says: ‘You need to talk to somebody about this.’ And he says: ‘I’ve got no one.’ It’s a bit of a sad moment really.”

Eventually, though, Tony confides in Darren…
“He simply can’t keep it to himself any longer. Darren promises he’ll be there for him. That means a lot to Tony. He knows he’ll need all the help he can get.”

Does Tony think he’s going to die?
“Of course that’s going through his mind. Cancer’s a scary thing. He really wants to be a father and is looking forward to that, but now he worries he won’t be around to see his babies grow up. He’s fearing the worst.”


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