Hollyoaks star Garnon Davies has called for an end to bullying among schoolchildren.

The actor, who plays Elliot in the Channel 4 soap, joined Beijing gold medallist David Roberts in speaking about their first-hand experiences of bullying at an event to mark the launch of Anti-Bullying Week.

Garnon said: “Hollyoaks looks at lots of contemporary issues facing young people and, unfortunately bullying still needs to be in our storylines because it’s still happening.

“Hollyoaks is supporting Anti-Bullying Week 2008 and the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) because no-one should have to put up with bullying – it doesn’t have to be part of growing up and it can be stopped.”

A spokeswoman for Hollyoaks said Garnon was chosen for the campaign because of his character’s experience with being picked on.

She said: “His character is a little bit different and he’s always finding himself having to bite his tongue or get back at people.

“Rather than being bullied by a big group of people, it happens to him continuously. He represents one type of bullying, that’s why he was chosen.”

This year’s Anti-Bullying Week, which begins on Monday, will focus on the theme ‘being different, belonging together’.