Emmett J Scanlan has revealed his latest film character is much scarier than his bad boy Hollyoaks alter ego Brendan Brady.

The actor plays the lead role in Charlie Casanova, a crime thriller he made before getting involved in the Channel 4 soap.

Emmett explained: “It makes Brendan Brady look like a pussycat. It’s about a sociopath who makes all his decisions based on the draw of the card. I play Charlie, it’s directed by Terry McMahon.

“It’s going around all the festivals right now, it’s kicking a**, it’s picking up awards. There’s talk about a national release in the cinema.”

The Irish actor added: “It’s one of those moments in an actor’s career where you can look back and say ‘yes, I’m really proud of that’. The film is travelling the world – it travels more than I do!”

But Emmett won’t have us believing that this character is anything like bad boy Brendan.

He said: “As far as Brendan is concerned, he’s a guy who’s got principles. He’ll butcher you as quick as look at you, but he’ll never hit a woman. He’ll steal from you, but only to give to his kids.

“So he’s got this messed up moral code, whereas Charlie Casanova is way more dangerous, but he’s a lot more cowardly. It is an incredibly dark movie.”