Hollyoaks’ Emmett: ‘People still ask me to chat’

Emmett J Scanlan may play a psychopath in Hollyoaks, but that hasn’t put people off approaching him for a friendly chat.

The Irish actor, who portrays crazy club boss Brendan Brady, said he has had a very positive response from the public, despite his villainous alter-ego.

“People are always coming over to me for a chat – I think they buzz off Brendan,” he told Inside Soap.

“He’s a Marmite character – you either love him or hate him. But that’s so much better than sailing through a scene and not being remembered. The public have all been really, really nice to me.”

Emmett is “flattered” by the Brendan ring-tones around.

“I found out the other day that you can get Brendan ring tones for your phone, which really made me laugh. There’s a message alert of him just saying ‘Boo!’ It’s mental but utterly flattering,” he added.

The actor admitted he was initially up for the roles of Father Kieron and Des Townsend.

“The producers wanted me to drop my Irish accent. Luckily, they really wanted me for Brendan regardless of my voice,” he recalled.

“As soon as I did my first reading, it seemed like way too juicy a part to miss out on. Brendan’s a milkshake short of a Happy Meal – but I love it. There’s no character I’d rather play.”