Hollyoaks’ Emmett: ‘Warren’s exit is hardcore!’

Hollyoaks‘ Emmett Scanlan reveals to Soaplife how bad boy Brendan has returned to the village with one thing on his psychotic mind – murder! And it’s Warren he wants dead…

Why does Brendan want to kill Warren?

“Warren could have given Brendan an alibi, which would have spared him prison, but he didn’t. Also, because Brendan refused to give Warren half of the club, Warren had him beaten inside on a weekly basis. So Brendan’s a few chips short of a Happy Meal at the moment.”

And Warren thinks the way to deal with Brendan is to kill him first!

“He knows how dangerous Brendan is now. He’s come back to the village with this eerie indifference. Warren knows he’s done Brendan over so badly he will want to get rid of him. He’s a loose canon. It’s a pre-emptive strike really.”

So what’s Brendan going to do?

“As far as he’s concerned his revenge is a game and he’s holding all the cards. He’s going to try and take away Warren’s beloved Mitzeee and he uses Joel, who says he’s Warren’s son, as a pawn, befriending the kid and winning his trust. We don’t know yet if Joel is Warren’s actual son, but that doesn’t matter, as he’s still a way for Brendan to get to Warren.”

Isn’t Brendan afraid of Warren?

“Not at all. He feels bullet proof and he’s buzzing. He’s enjoying this game. He has no qualms about doing anything to anybody.”

So he’d have no qualms about killing Warren?

“None. You have to remember, he’s killed before. He would sleep like a baby afterwards.”

We know Nancy gets involved in Brendan’s revenge…

“Brendan overhears Nancy talking to Mitzeee about Warren’s ex, Louise, who he supposedly killed on their wedding day. He uses this nugget to try and plant seeds of doubt about Warren in Nancy’s head. He also plays on the guilt she feels over not realising that Silas was the killer.”

Who else will he use?

“He also approaches Mitzeee. She tells Brendan how Warren was blackmailing Ethan and Brendan starts to plot.”

What happens in the end?

“I can’t tell you that, but I can reveal that Jamie [Lomas, who plays Warren] has left the show and we spent three nights filming his exit. It’s very dark and it’s very hardcore.”