Hollyoaks actor Craig Vye reveals Ethan’s true feelings about Theresa – and his engagement to Liberty…

So, how does Ethan really feel about Liberty?
“He’s in love with her, but I don’t think he loves her enough to marry her.”

Ah… Is this because of the feelings he has for Theresa?
“Yes, he’s told Theresa that he loves her and he means it.”

So why doesn’t he dump Liberty and date Theresa?
“He loves them both! And he’s a coward. And he doesn’t want to hurt Liberty.”

So explain why he wasn’t put off when he found out Theresa killed Calvin?
“Theresa’s confession did shock him, but when she nearly died after falling down the lift shaft, Ethan realised he had deep feelings for her.”

And he’s distracted by her at his engagement party…
“Totally. There is a point where they share a moment and realise something could happen between them.”

When is he going to realise he has to let Liberty down?
“He’ll start to get really nervous when they start planning the wedding!”

Do you think he and Theresa are suited?
“Yes. They come from different worlds, but I think there is something about their personalities that matches. He loves her warmth and finds her ditzy moments endearing.”

We wonder how Ethan would react if Theresa said she loved him…
“If she admitted that, it might be the push he needs to dump Liberty. He’d be thrilled!”

Calvin was Hollyoaks’ last copper – will Ethan turn out to be bent like him?
“He’s not like that. He believes that being a policeman is a calling. He’s not comfortable keeping Theresa’s secret and there might come a time when it’s too much for his conscience…”