Darren and Luke are in BIG trouble - new pictures reveal...

Channel 4 has released a string of new pictures for the Hollyoaks explosion aftermath which show Darren and Luke trapped in an air vent.

Tonight’s E4 episode of Hollyoaks will see the desperate pair climb up into an air event to escape the explosion, but they soon find their exit blocked.

Darren and Luke

There seems to be no way out for Darren and Luke

Meanwhile, Neeta blames Mac for the explosion and considers leaving him trapped under the rubble in one of the classrooms.

Mac is trapped and asks for Neeta’s help – but will she?

And then suddenly the floor collapses underneath Neeta and Mac, leaving them both fighting for their lives. Elsewhere, Hunter tries to help Sally. Leela assists her firefighter colleagues by communicating with Peri via video call but Peri, Lily, Tom and Alfie are scared when the floor falls through and they can’t get out.

Leela tries to rescue Peri

Leela tries to rescue Peri

Window cleaner, Prince bravely tries to rescue them,while the chemistry sizzles between Leela and Louis and they kiss. Imran watches as Misbah goes with Yasmine to the hospital.

Louis and Prince are on the scene of the explosion

Louis and Prince are on the scene of the explosion

This episode will TX on E4 tonight at 7pm. The explosion can be seen again on C4 at 6:30pm.