Hollyoaks’ Fabrizio Santino feels duty-bound to maintain his buff body

Hollyoaks hunk Fabrizio Santino admits he feels a duty to keep his body looking good, but tries not to make it his life.

The half-Italian actor plays ladies man Ziggy Roscoe in the Channel 4 soap, and admits he has to spend a lot of time on screen with his top off.

Fabrizio told Inside Soap: “I swim a lot and eat well, but I try not to overdo the gym.

“You get cast because you’ve got a good physique, so you have to maintain it.

“I do regular exercise, but you shouldn’t let it become your life.

“You’ve got to learn your lines and get a decent night’s sleep.”

The soap hunk recalled one of his favourite stunts for Hollyoaks – hanging out of a window in just his boxers.

He said: “There was one with Frankie (Osborne) when we had a bit of a moment in Ruby’s bedroom. I think we did the dirty deed, then I got launched out of the window and was left hanging from the ledge.

“I was quite high up, it was a cold day and I was in my pants.”

He joked: “I totally loved that experience!”


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