Hollyoaks star Steven Roberts has revealed his character George Smith is set to be forced into prostitution.

Troubled teen George ran away from home while battling confusion about his sexuality and has been sleeping rough with friend Phoebe.

Steven told Inside Soap magazine his character is ‘terrified’ when he is held captive by human traffickers.

He said: “It’s been hinted at in previous Hollyoaks episodes that Deena and Graham want to force George and Phoebe into prostitution.

“Their intentions become clearer when Deena announces that a man called Mr Evans is coming to visit George – and it’s obvious that they won’t just be playing card games together.

“George is terrified at the prospect. He’s imprisoned with no way to escape.”

Friend Phoebe (Mandip Gill) betrayed George by helping lure him back to Deena, but she ends up being held captive as well.”

Steven revealed: “Phoebe’s the stronger one of the two of them, so Deena drugs her. She begins to slip in and out of consciousness as a result, and George’s only lifeline is slipping away before his eyes.

“The episodes are quite shocking and dramatic. George’s friends in the village realise that he’s gone missing – so it’s a matter of if, how and when he might resurface that the audience will have to watch out for.”