Hollyoaks’ Hannah to suffer chronic anorexia

Hollyoaks actress Emma Rigby has lifted the lid on playing character Hannah Ashworth, who starts to suffer from anorexia.

In the daring storyline Hannah befriends model Melissa, played by Carla Chase, who is suffering from the illness and the pair become anorexia buddies.

And the duo have to spend two hours in make-up each day to accentuate their bruises and veins, reports The Independent.

Emma said: “My skin has a blue tinge to it, almost corpse-like. I have red and blue grease around my eyes to make them look tired and scars built up on my face from spots. I look really horrific.”

The 17-year-old added that it has been her toughest storyline so far but she is pleased to be involved in highlighting the devastation the eating disorder can cause.

“The magazines show the glossy side of size zero models but this shows the unglossy side, the reality of what being ultra-thin can lead to,” she explained.

Producer Bryan Kirkwood was quick to defend the soap’s decision.

“We are telling a tough story and showing consequences in every episode,” he said. “I defy anyone to say we are glamorising the series.”

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