Hollyoaks‘ hardman Trevor Royle is proof that even committed villains have a softer, human side to them, according to actor Greg Wood, who plays him.

Greg, who’s nominated in the Villain of the Year category at the British Soap Awards, told What’s on TV that his feelings for Grace Black show he’s more than a two-dimensional soap thug.

Greg said: “To everyone in the village you’ve got this hard-faced facade, but you’ve got this duality of him with Grace, playing out this love story which is great for me as an actor because I get to do things I might not necessarily have done before. There is this softer side which makes him human, which just makes him more rounded and that’s thanks to the writers, who have given me the opportunity to do these things.”

So Trevor’s going to emerge from prison changed by the love of the woman who lied to him about his dead father?

Greg said: “They obviously left on a sour note with each other, but at the same time Trevor knows he didn’t do it and all is not lost for them, definitely not. I think the feelings are too strong, but I think that’s part of him wanting to get the evidence on Ste, so he can say ‘Look! Ha! It wasn’t me’, and see where it goes from there. Despite what she’s done I still think there’s a strong bind there.”

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