Hollyoaks’ Holly Weston says she’s pleased she’s not having to do so much kissing in the soap at the moment.

The actress plays rock chick student Ash Kane in the Channel 4 soap and when she first arrived in the village the wild child was quite a man-eater.

Holly told The Sun: “I did a lot of kissing scenes when I started, like in the toilet with Riley. But I haven’t had any romantic situations for a while. Maybe it is time for Ash to have another romance.

“It is always a bit awkward. It’s easier when you are new as you don’t know people as well, but when you are really good friends with them and suddenly have to snog them it is a bit weird. I’m not missing doing those scenes.”

The actress insisted she is not as much of a party animal as her Hollyoaks character.

She said: “I do like to go out and have a good time, but it is probably about once a month. Ash seems to be out all the time.

“I’m more happy sitting at home in front of the telly. I get horrendous hangovers, so I have to put aside a whole day to recover.”

Ash, who currently seems to have a bit of a crush on geeky Will Savage, played by James Atherton, collapsed with meningitis in Hollyoaks last week.

Holly said: “The coma bit is much harder than you think. I expected it to be so easy, just lying there all day. But it’s really hard to lie straight and actually stay awake and know what is going on.

“I’d drop off and suddenly wake up and think, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the middle of a scene.'”