Hollyoaks: Is it all over for Rhys and Beth?

When Rhys and Beth’s affair is found out it may not just be their love that’s over, reveals Hollyoaks star Andrew Moss…

How does the secret of Rhys and Beth’s affair get out?

“Michaela. She saw Rhys and Beth together but they thought they’d shut her up by bad-mouthing her around the village.”

But they haven’t?

“Michaela’s fed up with feeling rejected by everyone and tells Mercedes about Rhys and Beth. Mercedes doesn’t believe her so she decides to prove it. She gets hold of Beth’s phone with an incriminating text from

Rhys and shows it to Gilly…”

And Rhys and Beth have no idea?

“Worse. While the Ashworths are all celebrating Gilly and Beth’s expected wedding with dinner at The Dog, Rhys stays home and Beth makes a headache excuse to join him.”

Is Gilly suspicious?

“Not until Michaela shows him Rhys’ text to Beth. When he gets back to the Ashworths’ he hears them together upstairs and goes mental. He flies at Rhys and gives him a pasting all over the house!”

Does Rhys feel he deserves it?

“I don’t know about Rhys but I do! Great best mate he is!”

Do the rest of the family find out too?

“The others get home and there’s stunned silence as Rhys admits he’s been ‘sleeping’ with his sister. They’re even more appalled when he insists it’s true love.”

Who are they most angry with?

“Beth. They need a bad guy and want to believe it’s her doing more than their son’s.”

Rhys must feel guilty though?

“He does. He knows it’s morally wrong to have a relationship with his sister but his feelings for her are stronger than any guilt or shame.”

So is Rhys going to stay with Beth?

“They hole up together at the student digs but as the news gets out they’re pretty alienated. Everyone thinks their relationship is wrong and let’s face it – it is! It’s illegal.”

Does Gilly take any revenge?

“Someone certainly does. Rhys and Beth get arrested and interrogated by the police and they’re terrified.”

Terrified enough to finally end their affair?

“No way. They desperately try to defend their love but when it looks hopeless they decide the only thing to do is run away. They really believe they can be happy together.”

Does no one try to stop them?

“It’s not a case of who stops them but what stops them. It’s very, very tragic and destroys their lives forever…”

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