Hollyoaks Jake: I thought soap stars were inferior

Hollyoaks actor Kevin Sacre has admitted he used to question whether soap actors were as good as other thesps.

The 29-year-old – who has played Jake Dean in the hit Channel 4 soap for six years – started his acting career in the Royal Shakespeare Company, and had a very different view of soaps before he was actually in one.

He confessed: “I remember before I was working in soap I almost had that view that soap actors weren’t as good as other actors and then when I got into it I thought, ‘I’m a real a**hole for thinking that’.”

He added: “It frustrates me because I think soap actors work harder than almost anybody else.

“It’s constant and there’s no time to rehearse or do everything over and over again until it’s perfect because you’ve got to get it done so it can go out.”

The 29-year-old also revealed he would love to go back onto the stage.

He said: “I was so lucky to work with the RSC. That was the best job I’ve ever had. You can’t beat the live audience and the applause. It’s the biggest buzz.”

Jake’s mental breakdown culminates next week with him kidnapping baby Charlie and trying to gas himself and the baby to death in his car.

Kevin himself is a guest on NUTS TV on Friday, March 14, from 8pm.