Hollyoaks’ James Sutton: John Paul and Ste say ‘I do’…but very nearly don’t!

Hollyoaks’ James Sutton tells Soaplife how Ste is arrested and John Paul is in Scotland with Lockie just a day before their wedding!

As John Paul and Ste prepare for soapland’s first ever gay church wedding, everyone is hoping for a happy ending… But when the stag do goes wrong and John Paul ends up in Scotland it will take a miracle to get them both to the church on time. “It is one of those classic situations you see in the movies, where the couple are desperately trying to get to the church. It’s very light-hearted and fun,” James tells Soaplife.

So, the McQueens will finally have something to smile about… won’t they?

Why does John Paul want to marry Ste (Kieron Richardson)?
“They are in love and he wants to cement that relationship. John Paul and Ste have both been through so much, so in a sense they are very similar. Ste has had his problems with drugs, but then John Paul had the rape to deal with. They’ve both pulled one another through various problems and are stronger for it.”

What goes wrong at the stag do?
“Both John Paul and Ste are dressed as Geri Halliwell. People said I looked quite sexy in the dress! Things go a bit wrong, there is an incident with some police officers, John Paul goes on the run with Lockie [Nick Rhys] and they end up in Scotland!”

Ste must be going mental…
“Well, Ste is in a bit of trouble of his own. Because he is wearing the same clothes as John Paul, he gets mistaken for him, gets arrested and is locked up.”

But the grooms do get to the church in time…
“Ste is released and is waiting for John Paul. Ste thinks that the wedding is off, but then John Paul turns up at the church.”

Is it a beautiful wedding?
“It is classic and romantic. But remember, the McQueens are there, so there is potential for drama.”

Like what?
“There is a bombshell in the form of Sinead [Stephanie Davis]. She can’t let anything go and has a big old mouth on her. She might cause some trouble.”

Will the wedding be a chance for the McQueens to forget all their recent tragedies?
“Yes, it is an opportunity for them to celebrate for a change. It is nice to have some love, laughter and smiles. There is a lot of love in that family and it is nice to see it. The Christmas episode really is a happy day for them.”

How do you feel about the upcoming storyline, which sees Ste being diagnosed as HIV Positive?
“We relish the challenge of doing storylines like that. It is going to be hard for John Paul and Ste, but they are strong as a couple and this is another hurdle they will set out to overcome together.”

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