Hollyoaks’ James: ‘Will’s capable of killing Dodger’

James Atherton tells Soaplife that with Will’s killer instinct unleashed there’s no telling what the bad lad might do next in Hollyoaks… But one thing’s for sure: he’s not about to get up out of his wheelchair, walk into a cop shop and confess – even though he could!

Does Will feel any remorse for killing Texas?
“He does. He’s not a premeditated killer like Silas. He pushed Texas in the heat of the moment and I don’t think he meant to kill her. There’s a scene where Will is beside Texas’s grave alone and he tries to take in what he has done. But, for the most part, he’s gone into self-preservation mode.”

Which is why he frames Leanne for Texas’s murder?
“He’s done that out of necessity. All he cares about is saving himself.”

How does he cope with the funeral?
“It’s a performance for Will. He sits there and talks about how much he loved Texas, but then Dodger stands up and tells everyone about the Texas he knew and loved. To Will, it feels as if Dodger has won and, in that moment, he could get up and pounce on him.

What stops him?
“He can’t stand up because then everyone would know he can walk. Footsteps were heard running away at the time of Texas’s death so Will has managed to evade a lot of questioning by being wheelchair-bound.”

How long can he keep up the pretence that he can’t walk?
“It’s all about timing. He does want to get out of the chair at some point, but if he does it too soon then people might get suspicious.”

Do you think he’s capable of killing again?
“Now he’s crossed that line, killing again would be easier for him. He’s certainly getting very dark and anything looks possible. However, I don’t see him as a villain in the way that Brendan, Silas or Warren were. Will’s strength is that he uses his ‘weakness’ to manipulate people.”

Who might he turn his dark side on next?
“I don’t know, but I think he’d be capable of killing Dodger.”

So why does he stop Theresa from shooting Dodger after she finds out he was going to turn her in for murder?
“Will has no idea that Theresa’s confessed to Dodger that she killed Calvin. He thinks she’s turned on Dodger because he treated her badly. He helps talk her out of shooting him because he doesn’t want Dodger to be a martyr.”

Soap killers always get their comeuppance… Does this mean that Will’s days are numbered?
“I hope not! Theresa’s got away with killing Calvin for years and I hope Will can do the same. He’ll have to pay for his crime at some point, but I hope he has plenty of time to do more bad things.”


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