Hollyoaks’ Jamie: The fight lasts a whole episode!

Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas tells Soaplife why Warren and Brendan will always be best of enemies…

How does Warren feel when he hears a body has been found?

“He is not worried because he knows Brendan killed him and can’t see how it can be traced back to him, even though he was an accomplice when it came to getting rid of the body.”

How does he feel when the police take him in for questioning?

“He’s a bit shocked, as he doesn’t understand why they want to speak to him. He is horrified when he finds out that his credit card was in Danny’s pocket. He realises that Brendan set him up to cover his own back.”

Does he keep cool in front of the cops?

“Yes, Warren is good at staying calm. He tells the cops that he has lots of credit cards and wouldn’t notice if one of them had been taken. He suggests that Danny must have stolen one.”

Is he arrested?

“No, the police don’t have enough evidence against him so they let him go.”

Does he confront Brendan?

“Not immediately. He decides to make Brendan pay for what he’s done and is intent on dragging as much out of this as he can.”

What does he do?

“He’s found out that Brendan is gay and he uses that to manipulate him. He gets him drunk and then suggests that he is the only person who knows what he’s going through. He makes out that he is gay, too, and asks Brendan to come away with him for a weekend. Brendan doesn’t know what to say, he’s flummoxed.”

Do they go away?

“No, it’s just a way of giving Brendan a sense of security, making him think that Warren is on his side.”

What else does Warren do to hurt Brendan?

“He tells Ste that Brendan killed Danny because he knows that will tear them apart. He then goads Ste into confronting Brendan.”

Why does Warren sleep with Mitzeee?

“He does it in order to get caught by Brendan because he knows it will upset him. Warren is trying to take everything that Brendan’s got away from him.”

What happens when they eventually have a fight?

“It’s really good! It goes on for a whole episode and took three days to film. We fly over walls, hit each other with chairs, fall into the Jacuzzi. It was really hard work and I felt quite ill afterwards. It was worth it though as they are great scenes.”

Who clobbers Brendan with a baseball bat and lands him in hospital?

“Ah ha! I can’t tell you that, but poor Brendan ends up unconscious.”

Will Brendan and Warren make up?

“They won’t ever be best friends, but I can see them forming an alliance. However, Warren will always be looking over his shoulder and they will never fully trust one another.”

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