Hollyoaks’ Jeff: ‘Texas is the one Silas wants…’

Hollyoaks‘ Jeff Rawle reveals to Soaplife that even though psycho Silas is locked up he can still be a very, very, very bad man.

We had a feeling Silas would be seen again when he hit the headlines of the Hollyoaks press and, sure enough, he’s back. Worse still, despite being banged-up in a secure unit, he still has murder in mind. Soaplife spoke to Jeff Rawle, who plays Silas, about his return.

How is Silas finding life behind bars?

“I think he’s accepted that he’s going to be in the secure psychiatric unit for the rest of his life, but he’s begun to think that maybe he can manipulate the outside world from the inside and still live out his murderous fantasies.”

Uh-oh. How?

“I can’t give too much away, but Silas seems to know a lot more about what’s going on out there than he should.”

With murder in mind, who does he want to kill?

“Texas. She is the one that got away. He meant to murder her, but killed India. He has this nagging feeling that he made a mistake and wishes he could put it right.”

And Texas visits him! Why?

“Silas has told the police that another murder is going to be committed. He says he’s got someone out there doing his dirty work and he gives a specific time. The police are then after information which delights Silas as it’s an opportunity to play games. The police send Texas in because they think he might talk to her. It’s hard for her as she has the awfulness of knowing that Silas killed her sister, yet she thinks that she can save a life. Silas is delighted to have an audience and makes lots of threats, leaving her to work out which ones to take seriously.”

How does India’s ring make an appearance?

“It was Silas’s trophy from India’s killing. He lost it when he had a meltdown over killing his daughter Heidi. It is very symbolic for Silas and Texas uses it to taunt him. She thinks there might be a trade off: some information for the ring.”

If Silas could murder again, who is in danger?

“Texas is the one he wants.”