Jennifer Metcalfe has admitted she feels much more confident about her looks now.

The Hollyoaks actress is said to have shelled out on liposuction on her bottom and thighs, going from a dress size 10 to a size 6-8.

She told Closer magazine: “When I joined Hollyoaks four years ago, I did worry about being in the ‘gorgeous and groomed’ category but as you settle into the industry and get older, you just don’t care as much.

“I’m very confident with how I look now – whether I’m all dolled up or looking like s**t.”

The brunette – who plays Mercedes McQueen in the Channel 4 soap – had described her bottom as being “quite a shelf” before she had the lipo treatment.

She previously said: “It’s got meat, it wobbles and it sticks out. Me and my friends laugh about it all the time. It takes up nearly the whole dance floor!”

But now Jennifer feels relaxed about her body.

She said: “Sometimes I look at pap shots and think: ‘Oh, I’ve done all right there!’ and other times I think: “Jesus, what was I thinking?’

“Everyone has good and bad days. You just have to take it with a pinch of salt. I do watch what I eat, but I don’t stress about it.”

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