Hollyoaks’ Jennifer: ‘Mercy’s secrets are exposed’

strong>Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe reveals to Soaplife what happens when Jacqui finds out Mercy is a lying cheat.

Mercy’s in big trouble when Jacqui discovers her two terrible secrets: she’s not really pregnant and she slept with Carl. Now Jacqui has the power to blow Mercy’s WAG dream sky high. “Mercedes would be distraught if it all came out,” Jennifer tells Soaplife. “She really does love Riley.” Time to start proving it…

It all kicks off when Jacqui sees the supposedly pregnant Mercy drinking at her engagement party, doesn’t it?

“Yes. And suspicious Jacqui says, ‘You’d better tell me what’s going on’. Myra’s there going ‘tell her, tell her’ so Mercedes does.”

And Jacqui’s reaction?

“She’s disgusted. She puts real pressure on Mercedes to tell Riley the truth. She says it’s not fair on him and threatens she’ll tell him if Mercedes doesn’t.”

Bet that takes the fizz out of the engagement party!

“It does. Mercedes is on eggshells all night. She also knocks Mitzeee clean out because she sets up a WAG wannabe called Letitia to try and pull Riley. Riley’s horrified by Mercedes’ behaviour.”

Then Jacqui finds out Mercy’s been cheating with Carl…

“Riley and Mercy fall out big time over the Mitzeee incident and Mercy goes to stay at Jacqui’s. Carl comes round, they get quite close and Jacqui interrupts them. She puts two and two together.”

Does Mercedes really think her sister would expose her lies?

“Yes. There’s a moment when Jacqui, Mercedes and Carl are all trying to get in touch with Riley. When he asks what’s going on, it’s left to Jacqui to tell him. I can’t tell you the outcome, but Mercy loves Riley and will be gutted if he ends things.”

She can’t keep pretending she’s pregnant, though!

“No. Myra tells her to fake a miscarriage, but Mercedes keeps coming up with all these different ideas. Carrying on pretending she’s pregnant isn’t one of them.”

Can she leave Carl alone?

“If Jacqui keeps her mouth shut, Mercedes will be relieved she’s still got Riley and won’t be thinking about Carl. But I think they could end up in bed together again. They’re soulmates.”