Hollyoaks star Jessica Fox has hinted Nancy Hayton and Darren Osborne may soon have a baby on the way.

Nancy and Darren’s relationship hangs in the balance as his plan for a secret wedding has led her to think he’s having an affair with his ex Cindy. It isn’t known if the wedding will go ahead, but Jessica revealed Nancy may be set to become a mother.

Jessica said: “Getting married is important to Nancy. For all her wanting to be alternative and different she really just wants to be loved.

“And it’s all going terribly well at the moment. She’s moved into the Osbornes where that’s going really well and she’s got this big family that care about her having had no one for so long. And she loves Darren to pieces and she really wants to get married, have babies and be happy. I think that’s what she realy wants.”

She added: “I don’t know if she wants to be a mother just yet, but she may not have a choice…”

But things aren’t easy as Nancy’s mother wants her daughter to live with her in Canada.

Jessica revealed: “Nancy’s mother wants Nancy out of Hollyoaks and Darren is busy with wedding preparations and is unavailable. He’s roped in half the village to help, so none of her friends have time to chat.

“Nancy and Margaret have a very difficult relationship and Margaret has been quite cool and manipulative, making Nancy think the only way she will be happy is if she leaves and goes with her.

“They do have a fiery relationship, but at the same time it’s your mum and you don’t want to shout at or be nasty to your mum and Nancy’s quite meek around her.”