Hollyoaks‘ Jessica Fox reveals to Soaplife that Nancy has suspicions about Darren and Cindy – and they could stop the wedding she doesn’t know she’s having!

Nancy hasn’t a clue Darren is secretly organising their wedding as a Valentine’s Day surprise for her. All she knows is he’s acting very suspiciously – so suspiciously she thinks he’s cheating with Cindy – which, in a way, he is. “It gets to the point where Nancy’s convinced Darren and Cindy are having an affair,” says Jessica. So will she be marrying Darren – or dumping him?

Nancy and Darren have been engaged for ever. Has she ever thought about setting a wedding date?
“It has been a long time. More than a year. Nancy thinks they will get round to it at some point, but she’s in no hurry and is very much focused on her career. She’s madly in love with Darren, though.”

How would she feel if she knew Darren has organised a surprise wedding for her?
“Nancy is a bit of a control freak so she’d hate the idea of Darren making all the decisions. Her first wedding to Jake was so awful she’d want this one to be just right. She’d be thinking things like, ‘What will the bridesmaids be wearing?’ and ‘Who is sitting next to who?'”

Would Nancy be worried about Cindy helping Darren with the wedding plans?
“Nancy has never seen Cindy as a threat, but now Darren keeps sneaking around she’s getting paranoid he’s cheating on her – especially when she catches them in a compromising position. Darren, of course, has plenty of excuses – it’s just whether or not Nancy believes them.”

Doesn’t she get suspicious when her girlfriends trick her into a hen night?
“The book club Nancy runs are reading a book about a hen night [coincidence, eh!] so Mitzeee tells her they have to have a hen party to fully understand it.”

Then Nancy’s mum Margaret pays a surprise visit just at the wrong moment…
“And she starts interfering. She doesn’t think Darren is good enough for Nancy and keeps going on about his gambling and the fact he’s been in prison. Then she suggests Darren isn’t committed to the relationship because he hasn’t married her yet. That starts Nancy thinking and her imagination goes into overdrive. She felt confident in her relationship, but her mum’s making her start to doubt he’s the one.”

And then Nancy discovers some incriminating evidence in his pocket…
“It’s a bra! It’s from his stag do, but of course Nancy doesn’t know that.”

Will Nancy make it up the aisle on her secret wedding day?
“Nancy starts to question her relationship with Darren and when her mum asks her to go to Canada with her, she’s tempted!”