Hollyoaks’ Joe: ‘Dr Browning could kill again’

Joe Thompson tells Soaplife that Dr Paul Browning is still operating as a bad’un – and could easily kill again in Hollyoaks! Even his bride-to-be, Mercedes, isn’t safe…

So, what’s going on with this new Lindsey that Doc Browning’s working with?
“It not good. She takes him right back to the time he killed Lynsey Nolan and it’s psychological torment. He’s starting to feel guilty about it and that isn’t something he’s experienced before. He doesn’t really understand what he’s feeling, but that combined with the wedding preparations is a huge stress.”

Isn’t he madly and deeply in love with Mercedes?
“He is. She’s the first person he’s ever felt connected to. He doesn’t really understand it, but he does want to live happily ever after with her.”

But Mercedes is getting on his nerves with all her Bridezilla wedding talk…
“Yes. Usually he can deal with her, but at the moment he can’t because of this huge pressure at work. Mercedes is putting him under financial pressure, too. She keeps grabbing his credit card and going off shopping!”

So he cracks and attacks Lindsey?
“Well, others call it an attack – he calls it feisty foreplay. He corners Lindsey in a lift and pulls the emergency lever. Then he goes to kiss her, but she calls him ‘a pathetic little man’ so he turns nasty…”

How nasty?
“Anyone stuck in a lift with Dr Browning is in danger! Normally he’s in control, but there’s something about Lindsey that makes him impulsive and emotionally out of control.”

Could Mercedes be in danger from him?
“That’s a good question. She’s the one person who’s on his wavelength and he feels completely safe with her so he wouldn’t want to kill her. He doesn’t actually want to kill anyone. He murdered Lynsey because he had to.”

Will he kill again?
“He’s certainly capable of it. He’s a sociopath so he doesn’t behave like normal people.

We’ve heard that Karen Hassan has been back on set filming as Lynsey…
“That’s true, but I can’t say too much about it. Basically, Dr Browning has to get over the fact that he killed Lynsey. He’s haunted by her death and the whole thing escalates. The next few months are really exciting!”


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