Hollyoaks star Ayden Callaghan has admitted there’s rivalry between him and his co-stars – but only when they go to the gym together.

The 33-year-old actor, who plays Joe Roscoe in the soap, revealed that he sometimes works out with Fabrizio Santino and Charlie Clapham, who play his brothers Ziggy and Freddy.

Ayden revealed: “There might be competition, but as far as I’m concerned there isn’t! If there was competition it would be for second place! We’re all keen fitness fanatics.”

But the actor revealed he and his co-stars all get on really wel and have started to feel like a real family.

He said: “We all started at the same time. We’re all very different but we obviously clicked on a casting basis and that’s part of it, making sure you put people together with chemistry that can work together. They’re all lovely lads.

“I work a lot with Charlie Clapham who plays Freddie so we’ve got a nice relationship. As I do with Fab and Alfie [Browne-Sykes, who plays Jason], they’re all nice, genuine lads.

“We have fun but we’ve also all got our own separate lives. But they’re great guys so it’s nice working with them most days.”