Hollyoaks Karen Hassan hopes for happy ending

Hollyoaks star Karen Hassan has said she is hoping for a happy ending for her screen alter ego Lynsey Nolan and boyfriend Riley Costello – but isn’t feeling optimistic about the prospect.

The actress admitted that Riley’s ex-girlfriends – who include Mercedes McQueen and Mitzeee Minniver – may not take the news of his new relationship well – and as a result the path of true love may not run smoothly.

“I’d love her and Riley to be happy together but I just can’t see it being easy, not with Mitzeee and Mercedes.. Those two are like dynamite and I think Lynsey kind of bows down to them so we’ll see what happens,” she said.

“I think Riley and Lynsey are quite suited,” Karen added. “I know he normally goes for the WAG type like Mercedes and Mitzeee, the feisty types, but I think Lynsey makes him softer and gentler and she makes him laugh, which is always a good attribute to have with a couple.

“Obviously she’s besotted with him. I think they make a really, really sweet couple. I hope things run smoothly but in soapland nothing ever does!”

Karen added that while Mercedes may not take the news well, she hopes the pair can settle their differences – and revealed her relationship with Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays the character, was quite different in real life.

I love working with Jen and I know she enjoys the scenes we do together as well,” she said. “Plus I always say there aren’t enough genuine girl friendships in the show.

“Ideally in Lynsey’s world what would happen would be that Mercedes would give them her blessing and probably be bridesmaid at their wedding! But Lynsey knowing Mercedes as she does knows that she’s probably not going to be that forgiving, which is why she’s been scared to tell her. She wants to protect the friendship.”

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